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Focused training and support resources built to help you learn fast. Grouped into key pillars, ClickBid is not only crazy simple software. It is also crazy simple to learn.

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ClickBid Support Pillars

Computer Training

Follow structured courses to quickly learn our platform. Earn points toward Starbucks gift cards and personalized training sessions.

Best Practices

Our dedicated support staff have written and continue to maintain a vast library of topical content to help you with every aspect of ClickBid.

Support Request

Start an ongoing dialog with a single support representative that you can continue throughout your account setup.

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This training is the fastest and most effective path to running a great and stress free event.

Key Courses

Our computer based training is fast and to-the-point. Each course is focused on a topic and numbered in the order to be taken. Trust us, this will give you a sense of relief and confidence moving forward.
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Best Practices

Head over to our Best Practices and look for Planning Timeline. This will help you organize yourself around the right order of steps to take.
Support Articles

Earn Free Coffee

After completing our guru courses (1-5) and reviewing the planning timeline, submit a support request for a 1-to-1 webinar. We'll send you a Starbucks gift card as appreciation for your up-front work.
(limit one card per admin account).
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