Essential Training

Our guru training series for learning how to use ClickBid

Course One

Understanding your admin is the first step in learning how to build your event. Start here and then move onto managing your items.

Course Two

Managing your items will help you get your auction up and running. Once complete you’re ready to add bidders.

Course Three

Managing your bidders helps you keep track of who can bid in your auction and how they are doing. This grows organically and you can also import a batch of bidders.

Course Four

Event tools contain everything you need to run your event. Check your guests into the event, check them out, help them bid and run your displays.

Course Five

Check out guests, get paid and study your data. This section wraps up our training and helps you close your event and find important report data.

Here's how the training works.

We request that you take our computer based training program to help you get familiar with our software. This represents a consistent and brief overview of using ClickBid. We are confident that this training will raise more money. Why? Because when our non-profits know what tools are available during the event, they can quickly make tweaks to help donors stay engaged.

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Once you have completed our primary training, head over to your admin and submit a support request letting us know you are ready for your 1-on-1 training session with our dedicated support team. You’ll be familiar with the software so this meeting can focus on your unique needs with registration, check-in, check-out and more. To show you how much we value your participation in our computer based training, we will send you an e-gift certificate to Starbucks.

After your 1-on-1 training you can always come back here to learn more about how mobile bidding and technology can streamline and boost your auction totals.